Transfer of risks and global solidarity

The workshop will take a global perspective.  It will ask:

  • Which workers are most at risk of being killed, injured or made ill by their work and where they are most likely to live and work.
  • Which are the business that create this risk, who owns them and where they are based.
  • What national and international regulation exist (and which don’t exist) and how well is it enforced.
  • What can individuals, unions, specific campaigns and activist networks in different parts of the world do to tackle this internationally.
  • What can activists in countries where multinational companies are based  do to support struggles for better OH&S in the countries/regions where these companies employ people in poor conditions.
  • What can member of unions or federations of unions  that have an international  base  do to support fellow members in other parts of the world.
  • What  international campaigns already exist and how they can best be strengthened.

At our last conference EWHN agreed to “Continue work  toward the  development of  a global grassroots occupational and environmental health network”   During this workshop we will put forward concrete plans to take this development process forward.

Facilitators:   Thora Brendstrup (DK) , Kathy Jenkins (SCO) and International Guest delegates